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The Great Equalizer
By Greg Shepard
Published: Fall 1999

Is your school tops as far as sheer, raw talent? If not, there is a great equalizer. Many times the school with the most talent does not win. That's what makes sports exciting, challenging and rewarding. Four things could have happened when the school with the most talent loses. First, talented athletes may not even come out for a team. Second, they may not be motivated to give a full effort. Third, they may not have been involved in a strength and conditioning program or not been very intense if they were involved. Fourth, they could go against a school on the total BFS Unified Strength and Conditioning Program.

Athletes on the Unified BFS Program train all-year round even if they are a three-sport athlete. They break eight or more personal strength and conditioning records every week all-year long. They continually get stronger, faster, leaner, more agile and explosive with greater flexibility. They also reduce the potential for injuries.

What do you think happens to self confidence when such a program is implemented? To team loyalty? To a positive outlook? To giving an all out effort with an extreme desire to win? To community support? Give me this over talent anytime!

Being involved in a solid strength and conditioning program is a great equalizer. Being involved in the BFS Unified Strength and Conditioning Program is an even greater equalizer. This unified approach means that all athletes both mens' and womens' sports do the same basic program. All sports stretch and warm-up the same way. They all do the same core lifts and most auxiliary lifts the same way. Every sport commits to two 30-minute workouts per week during the season.

Everyone also sets team goals eight to nine months before the upcoming season and then commits to a work ethic standard. Last June I did a clinic at a high school where 200 athletes attended. I asked the senior-to-be football players if they had ever talked amongst themselves about what they wanted to accomplish next fall as a team. They all shook their heads that they had not. I asked the boys volleyball team members the same question. They looked me right in the eye and quickly responded, "Our team goal is to win the league and region championship." Which team has the greatest chance of winning?

Get the BFS Total Program package or schedule a BFS Clinic with an emphasis on the Unified Program concept. It will be the greatest equalizer ever!

Dr. Greg Shepard

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