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In the seasons of the future, next season; someone will be crowned Champion. Why not you? To better understand what it takes to take earn this crown, we have come up with a success formula called the<
By Roger Freeborn
Published: Fall 1999

Just plain old hard work can defeat 40% or more of your competition. The fact of the matter is “hard work makes dreams come true.” Most of the players on the other teams, however, are lazy and looking for a way around the hard work necessary to be successful. For years we have lifted in the morning before school. That means we are stretching at 6:06 AM. The average student/athlete is “sleeping in” but then Championships are not won by average, ordinary people. Our team lifts in the mornings before school for three reasons: to fit our schedules, to have recovery time before practice and to demonstrate we are willing to sacrifice to do what is necessary to achieve our goals.
If you work “smart” while laboring you can climb to a winning record beating 60% or more of the opposition. What do we mean by working smart? First by using proven systems, like BFS, that have withstood the test of time. The BFS record of producing winning programs speaks for itself. It enables athletes to achieve their athletic potential sooner, enabling them to perform at higher levels while keeping injuries at a minimum. BFS Clinics and information provide valuable insights on how to maximize the time spent preparing for and work during the season. Couple this with mastering the fundamentals of your sport and you start to create an overwhelming, competitive force.
Once you have established smart, hard work habits, you can beat another 30% or more of the competition by being a person/team of honesty and integrity. This is the intangible area of teamwork and competition. When everyone on the team is honest with themselves and their teammates, when they sacrifice personal agendas for the higher common good, when the wants, needs and goals of the team are uppermost in the athletes’ mind - even when no one is looking - they become part of something special that’s bigger than anyone of them individually.
That puts you ahead of 90% of the competition. You will win and people won’t know why. They will say you are “lucky” because they are unwilling to recognize the effect of hard work and dedication. There will be 10% of the competition out there that are willing to do what you have done. It’s what happens when two undefeated teams meet at the end of the season. Competition brings out the best in everyone and also demonstrates those areas in your program where more work is needed. The competition exists for you to showcase your talents and preparedness.
Put these steps to work in your own life and program and you will experience more success.


1. You can beat 40% of the competition through hard work.
2. You can beat another 20% of the competition by working smart.
3. You can beat another 30% of the competition by Standing Together
and being a person/team of honesty and integrity.
4. You compete with the last 10% who are willing to make the same
sacrifices as you. This competition brings out the best in you and them.

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