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Hamilton High School Strength Coach Rodney Stidham writes how implementing the BFS Total Program helped take their football program to a top notch level.
By Rodney Stidham, Hamilton High School Strength Coac
Published: Fall 2000

On November 26 last year, the Hamilton High School Aggie Football Team in Hamilton, Alabama, hosted the number one 4A team in the state. This marked the first time a Hamilton Aggie team had ever gone to the fourth round of the state playoffs. The players, coaches, and community were excited to be in a position to earn a trip to the state championships to Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. Although the game didn't go as well as planned, this Aggie team earned a lot of respect from the rest of the state.

After the 1996 season, we made a commitment to get in the weight room. In the past, Hamilton teams just weren't big enough, fast enough, or strong enough to keep up with the rest of the top teams. Former coaches built a winning tradition based on hard work and good character; however, although other weight programs had been started, none had really taken off until l997.

We began the BFS program in the fall of 1997. At this time we had a good nucleus of kids who wanted to succeed in football, as well as weightlifting. Our 1996-97 record was 4-6; we didn't make it to the playoffs, and we didn't have a single athlete who could bench, squat, or dead lift a combined 1000 pounds. In 1997-98 the team went 7-5, made it to the second round of the playoffs, and we had two athletes in the 1000-pound club.

At the beginning of 1998, we decided to re-commit ourselves and to start the BFS program TOTALLY. After a pounding in the playoffs, our kids began to realize the importance
of weightlifting. They didn't like being manhandled. During the off season we began to do plyometrics which helped our speed and quickness tremendously. Midfield had destroyed us 42-6 in the second round two years ago; last year we met them again in the third round and whipped them 40-20; it was a great victory.

We now have 12 athletes in the 1000-pound club with 18 benching 235 or better, 15 with a 300-pound squat or better, and 10 with a 400-pound or better dead lift. We have won four consecutive county weightlifting meets and placed second in the state weightlifting meet in 1998.

Coach John Holladay has brought a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and motivation to Hamilton High School, encouraging the BFS principles. The Staff Coach John Holladay, Blaine Hathcock, Scotty Peoples, Rodney Stidham, Warren Hall and Steven Deavours have all helped bring this program to a top notch level.

Our motto has become:
"The Road to the Championship
Goes Through the Weight Room."

Hamilton High School
The 99-00 Aggies advanced farther than any team in school history posting a 10-4 overall record.

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