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The Power Clean - A Quick Overview
A Quick Overview of The Power Clean
By Bigger Faster Stronger

The Power Clean develops explosiveness and aggressiveness. When done correctly, every muscle will be fired in proper sequence in executing a maximum summation of force. Essential for reaching optimum levels of jumping, throwing, hitting a baseball and sprinting-starts.

THE START (Image 1): Use a jump stance with toes straight ahead. Hips down, elbows locked, chest spread and lower back locked-in. Fix eyes on a target, slightly up, with chin away from chest. Knuckles to the floor.

THE PULL (Image 2): Begin lift with legs only. Do not jerk shoulders and head back. Pull straight up keeping the bar close to the body. Keep head, eyes, arms, chin and knuckles in the same position as the start. Elbows remain locked.

THE JUMP (Image 3): Jump explosively up moving hips quickly under shoulders. Keep elbows locked with bar continuing up in a vertical path. Fully extend legs and toes. Shrug shoulders. Beginnerís mistake: Using arms instead of legs and hips.

THE ELBOWS (Image 4): Pull elbows to the ceiling. Keep the jumping extension going as long as possible. Eyes on target; never dip chin. Keep bar close to body. Beginnerís mistake: Keeping elbows down like a reverse curl with the bar away from the body.

THE RACK (Image 5 & 6): Quickly pop feet out to an athletic stance. Snap elbows forward and up to catch the bar. Rest bar on upper front deltoids of shoulders. Loosen grip and steady the bar with fingertips. Finish by standing up and moving feet back to the jump stance.

The Power Clean
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