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By Dr. Greg Shepard
Published: Spring 1997

Unification! That's the most sure-fire secret to winning in high school sports.

Very few high schools enjoy a unified approach to strength and conditioning.  The majority of high schools have a wide variety of programs and philosophies floating around.  The typical three-sport athlete has three ways to stretch, weight train and lift during the season.  Terminology is never the same.  Every coach does his/her own thing.  Even the physical education classes can do something entirely different.

Why have BFS Clinics been so effective?  175 schools have won state football championships and high schools win 20% more of their contests in all sports after having a BFS Clinic.  Simple!  We put everybody on the same page.  Every athlete in every sport stretches, lifts the same way and everyone uses the same terminology.  We recommend the physical education classes do the BFS Program.  In a nutshell, every coach in every sport gets on the same page.

The benefits are enormous.  More athletes have the opportunity to reach their potential.  More kids come out for sports.  There are less injuries than ever before.  There are more positive vibes within the school, community and administration.

Why do coaches so readily agree to do the BFS Program?  First, we train athletes (not a specific sport) while emphasizing speed and jumping power.  Whatever gets our athletes to run the fastest and jump the highest is what we all should be doing.  Second, the BFS Program is extremely flexible and fits all high school situations.  Third, it takes far less time than most coaches think: Two thirty minute workouts per week during the in-season and it can be done in a 45-minute physical education class during the off season.

How do you incorporate a unified program?  One way is to have a BFS Clinic.  However, there is another alternative, make copies of the Capital High School article (see on website).   Lon Carter took the idea and implemented the BFS Program without a clinic.  Wow!  They are enjoying huge success.  They have 390 kids going through the BFS Program on a daily basis through their physical education classes and after school.

You can easily learn the BFS Program with the BFS Total Program Book, and one of the BFS Total Program Sport Videos or Women's Total Program Video.  Our brand new Training Posters and three Safety Charts are also ideal for teaching the BFS Program to all.  Unification.  An idea that makes so much sense yet we have so few schools adopting its concept.  That's why I call it a "WINNING SECRET."

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