Review of the BFS Safety Squat or “Squat Beeper”

By Chuck Farr
Published: Fall 1999
The BFS Safety Squat is a product I heard about but never really thought about using. When I received the Safety Squat to test and review, I realized it is something I should have purchased for my weightroom a long time ago.
The Safety Squat is an electronic device to help lifters know when they have hit true parallel when squatting. Going from weightroom to weightroom over the years, I have observed that a lot of athletes do not go all the way down to parallel when squatting even though they thought they were. For complete leg development, you must go all the way down, period. The Safety Squat makes parallel disputes non-existent. It keeps you honest.
The Safety Squat is very small and light-weight. It has an elastic strap that velcros around your leg. Included is a 9 volt battery, which can be replaced when needed by simply unscrewing the single screw in the back. Just strap the Safety Squat to your leg with the plastic box centered in the middle thigh. When you squat down and reach parallel, it beeps.
As a bonus, I found It makes a good depth judge for dips and push-up as well when strapped to the back of the arm.
When I tested it for durability, I found it was much more durable than I thought it would be. Although it is not recommended, I dropped it hard on the cement floor and bumped it against the edge of a desk and the high-impact casing protected the circuitry perfectly. The elastic strap held up good as well, even after pulling on it for a few minutes. I feel confident that this product will last for years under normal use.
All-in-all, it is a good buy and makes a great weight room aid.

Squat Beeper