The Bench - A Quick Overview

A Quick Overview of The Bench Press

By Bigger Faster Stronger
The Bench Press is the most important upper body exercise for most sports. It develops overall power in the chest and arms. For best long term results for athletes, do a Bench Variation Core Lift on Monday, Bench Auxiliary Lifts on Wednesday and a Regular Bench Press Core Lift on Friday.

The legs should be spread wide for a solid base. The legs should also be brought under the knees with the feet placed firmly on the floor. There should be an arch in the lower back. This helps keep a firm foundation with both feet on the floor.

Image 1 - Bench with thumbs around bar for safety. Breathe in deep on the way down and then hold breath until bar is just past the sticking point on the way up. Keep eyes open during the entire lift. Squeeze the bar tightly and bring the bar back slightly towards the spotter on the way up.

Image 2 - Always use a spotter. Spotter must pay strict attention. Only touch the bar when the upward movement stops. When the weight gets up to 300 or more pounds, two side spotters should also be used.

Image 3 - Towel Bench or Padded Bench: A recommended Bench Variation Core Lift-especially for in-season workouts. Helps prevent Bench Press Shoulder and strains to that area while increasing Bench Press strength.

Image 4 - Incline: A Bench Press Variation. Could be classified as a Core Lift or Auxiliary. Builds extra strength in the upper pectorals. Great angle for linemen, linebackers and shot putters.

Image 5 - Wide Grip Bench Press: A Core or Auxiliary lift. Builds extra strength in the pectorals.

Image 6 - Close Grip Bench Press: Also a Core or Auxiliary Lift. Builds extra tricep power. Great for linemen, linebackers and shot putters.

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